(HBO) – Xam Khoe commune of Mai Chau district has met the targets set in the resolution of the 22nd communal Party Congress for the 2015-2020 tenure, including earning the new-style rural area title one year ahead of schedule. This is the driving force for the local Party organisation, administration and populace to continue moving forward on the development path and become an exemplary model combining community-based tourism and new-style rural area of Mai Chau district and Hoa Binh province.

During the 2015-2020 tenure, in an effort to seek a suitable development road map, the Party organisation of Xam Khoe set the target of building the commune into a community-based tourism destination and a new-style rural area by the end of 2020.

The resolution of the 22nd communal Party Congress requires Xam Khoe to step up investment attraction and capitalise on local advantages like workforce, land, natural resources and tourism potential so as to make breakthroughs in economic restructuring. Particularly, the commune would increase the proportion of services and tourism, uphold and bring into play cultural identities, while firmly safeguarding political security and social order and safety.

Luong Van Nhieu, Secretary of the Xam Khoe Party Committee, said the most important task carried out over the past years is building a strong Party organisation, administration and Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, along with strong socio-political organisations. This has subsequently helped promote the communal Party organisation’s leadership, the administration’s governance efficiency, and the combined strength of the local Vietnam Fatherland Front, organisations and people so as to realise the set targets.

As a result, Xam Khoe was recognised as a new-style rural area in late 2019, one year ahead of schedule, he said, noting that it has achieved and surpassed difficult criteria like those related to income, poverty reduction, transport infrastructure and the environment.

Aside from outstanding achievements in new-style countryside building, the commune has also fulfilled 16 other targets set in the resolution of the 22nd communal Party Congress, showing the high political resolve of the entire Party organisation, administration and people here./.


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