(HBO) – In the context that the lingering COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected tourism, Hoa Binh province is still one of the few localities in the northern region to record a stable number of visitors and have tourism activities not suspended for too long. Since late 2021, local tourism has been reactivated and rebounded strongly.

Lac Thuy district: Adaptating for tourism development

(HBO) - Defining tourism development as a key economic sector, Lac Thuy district has taken advantage of all resources to exploit the potential and strengths of tourism development over the past years.

Cao Phong district: Building the safe, friendly and attractive tourism attractions within the lake area

(HBO) - In Cao Phong district, there are 2 communes in the lake area. They are Binh Thanh and Thung Nai. Implementing the Resolution No. 14-NQ/TU, dated on June 22nd, 2017 of the Provincial Standing Committee on the development of tourism area within Hoa Binh Lake, the awareness of the tourism development among the people has been raised, the infrastructure and facilities have been built, the destinations and the local tourism products have been promoted.

Vo Vua Hill – the tourism potential in the future

(HBO) - Cao Phong district is known for many attractive ecological and spiritual tourism attractions. Each temple and pagoda contain its own myths and legends that attract customers from all over the country. Talking about the future tourism potential of Cao Phong district, it is impossible to mention that the legend of Vo Vua in Thach Yen commune, which is associated with a wonderful landscape picture and fresh air here.

Hoa Binh tourism makes preparations to surmount pandemic

(HBO) – The fourth wave of COVID-19 infections has strongly affected the Vietnamese economy, with tourism among the sectors hardest hit, and Hoa Binh is not an exception. However, the province has still maintained tourism promotion, product development, and investment attraction so that the local industry can confidently surmount the pandemic.

Ba Chua Thac Bo Temple - a famous spiritual tourism destination

(HBO) - On January days, tourists from many provinces and cities across the country are eagerly going on the pilgrimage and worshiping at Ba Chua Thac Bo temple in Vay Nua commune (Da Bac). In the new normal state, this famous sacred temple is a tourism attraction on the tourism area within Hoa Binh lake.

Da Trang Pass - a tourism attraction

(HBO) - On the journey to discover the destinations in the Northwest, there is a pass that is not too dangerous but it is extremely interesting, attracting tourists to stop, that is Da Trang pass (also known as Thung Khe pass). The pass is located on the National Highway 6, connecting Tan Lac and Mai Chau districts, and it is about 120 km from Hanoi capital.

Best resorts in Hoa Binh province

(HBO) – With the leisure tourism blooming, resorts in Hoa Binh province have attracted many holidaymakers who are seeking privacy and fresh air.

Deploying tourism development in 2022

(HBO) - On February 22nd, the Provincial Steering Committee of Tourism held a conference to deploy tourism development in 2022. Mr. Nguyen Van Toan, the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, the Head of the Steering Committee chaired the conference.

The start of tourism at the beginning of the year

(HBO) - The tourism sector of the province as well as of the whole country has been severely affected by Covid-19 epidemics. There were times whne the tourism sites and attractions had to be closed in order to prevent and control the epidemics, the employees lost their jobs, the businesses suffered from a lot of difficulties. Since the application of the policy of safe and flexible adaptation to the epidemics, the tourism sector has gradually revived with a good signal in the early spring of the year of Tiger in 2022, which forecasts a prosperous year of Hoa Binh’s tourism sector.

Experiencing the tourism products and services within the area of Hoa Binh Lake

(HBO) - the tourism products and services are an important factors to develop tourism, making an impression in the visitors’ hearts. Over the years, along with the facility investment, the tourism areas and attractions within the tourism area of on Hoa Binh Lake have built rich and attractive tourism products and services. Thereby, it has been attracting more and more domestic and international visitors to experience and explore…

Welcoming over 100,000 turns of tourists during and after Tet

(HBO) - During and after the Lunar New Year of Tiger in 2022, the province temporarily suspended all types of festivals, however the tourrism spots and areas, and the tourism business units in the area still welcomed guests, and they ensured the operation in accordance with the regulations on security and order, social safety, the price stabilization of services, especially the prevention and control of Covid-19 pandemics at the same time.

Awakening the tourism potential of Nhan My commune

(HBO) - Being one of the central communes in Muong Bi region, Nhan My commune (Tan Lac) has over 95% of Muong ethnic people living with a thousand-year-old culture. From the houses on stilts, the ethnic costumes, the cuisine and the provincial-level relics and scenic spots... all create attractive destinations, attracting tourists from near and far to visit and explore.

Managing passenger transport on Hoa Binh reservoir during festive season

(HBO) – As it is currently the peak time of spring festivals, tourists travelling to the Hoa Binh reservoir have been on the rise, posing risks for traffic safety.

Spring trips to Thai hamlets in Mai Chau district

(HBO) – Tourists have flocked to hamlets of Thai people in Mai Chau district, Hoa Binh province, since the third day of the Lunar New Year.

The mysterious caves in Hoa Binh

(HBO) - As the gateway land of Hanoi capital, Hoa Binh is not only famous for the epic "Lying land, laying water”, the deep Mo Muong and the passionate trumpet and singing tunes. The glanderous and mysterious Hoa Binh that perhaps takes a lot of time, passion and courage to be fully discovered. Those are the precious natural heritages located in a vast wilderness – the beautiful caves like a paradise or the fairy scene, containing many stories with the mysterious spiritual colors.

Exploring the community tourism villages

(HBO) - With the favorable conditions of geographical location, the diverse and abundant natural and human resources, Hoa Binh is promoting its potential and strengths to develop community tourism. This is a particularly attractive tourism trend, especially in the context of the impact of Covid-19 epidemics. Travelers are returning to core values and seeking safety.

An Lac Eco Farm and Hot Springs – attractive tourism site in Kim Boi

(HBO) – The An Lac Eco Farm and Hot Springs site in Vinh Dong commune is quite new as compared with other eco-tourism destinations in Kim Boi district. With hot mineral water, fresh climate and poetic scenery, it is a perfect weekend retreat.

Cao Phong – attractive destination for visitors

(HBO) - Traveling to Cao Phong for the first time, but Ms. Phan Thuy Quynh from Hanoi’s Dong Anh district was completely captivated by the peaceful beauty of the land.

Hoa Binh Tourism has actively been building and providing the new experience products

(HBO) - In order to gradually recover in the new normal state, in addition to the solutions to demand stimulating, the province's tourism sector has continued focusing on improving the quality of services, encouraging the businesses, the organizations, and business building households to provide the new experience products. Based on the epidemic level of the province, the localities regularly announce to proactively plan for the epidemic prevention and control and welcome guests.

Discovering an attractive camping spot on the banks of Boi River

(HBO) - The peaceful and charming beauty with the green riverside lawns growing all year round, being surrounded by hills and mountains has created a poetic and charming scene. Recently, the banks of Boi River have become an attractive camping spot for many young people in the province and many families in neighboring localities, when there is a need to find a fresh, cool and peaceful entertaining place with nature ensuring safety against Covid-19 epidemics.

Hoa Binh tourism has been flexibly adapting

(HBO) - In the development of Covid-19 pandamics, the province's tourism sector did not meet the target of welcoming 3.2 million visitors as the plan in 2021. However, with efforts to overcome difficulties, tourism has recovering strongly recovering and flexibly adapting to the new situations, realizing the "dual goal” of both developing the social economy and maintaining the achievements of the epidemic prevention and control, promoting the advantages of safe destinations.

Bao La commune – ideal destination for tourists

(HBO) - With over 80 percent of Thai ethnic group living, Bao La commune in Mai Chau district has a cool climate and terrain surrounded by mountains, terraced fields, waterfalls and winding streams flowing all year round. These are existing potential and advantages to develop tourism, with the building of a community-based tourism trademark as a highlight.

The workshop on exchange and investment promotion in Muong Dong in the Famtrip program

(HBO) - On December 8th, at An Lac Ecofarm resort, the workshop on exchanging and investing promotion in Muong Dong was held in the Famtrip program with the theme "Trekking, resorting and investment promotion in Muong Dong”. The leaders as well as the representatives of Kim Boi district, the district’s Culture and Sports Department, An Lac Ecofarm and the travel agencies.

Luong Son looks to draw investment in tourism development

(HBO) – The authority of Luong Son district has focused on attracting investment in the development of ecotourism in combination with resort, adventure, and sport and entertainment tourism in order to meet the demand of short-duration entertainment and relaxation of tourists, especially on weekends.