(HBO) – Luong Son district has implemented social distancing measures following Directive No. 10/CT-UBND issued on July 27 by the Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee to prevent COVID-19 spreading. In order to ensure the supply of goods to locals, the district has applied various measures, thus avoiding the disruption of supply chains of goods for locals, especially during 15 days of social distancing.

Hoa Binh raises public agencies’ responsibility for socio-economic development, pandemic prevention

(HBO) - The Hoa Binh People’s Committee on August 5 held a regular meeting to discuss socio-economic development matters under the chair of Chairman Bui Van Khanh.

Kim Boi sees progress in implementing regulations on grassroots democracy in agencies

(HBO) – The implementation of regulations on democracy in State administrative agencies and public non-business units in Kim Boi district has progressed with the issuance and amendments of relevant regulations, creating an atmosphere of democracy in the workplace, and promoting the role of public officials and servants in giving ideas to important issues.

Cao Phong applies itself to modernising administration

(HBO) – Identifying administration modernisation as the basis to build e-administration, Cao Phong district has invested resources in upgrading technical infrastructure and applying information technology to activities of administrative agencies, thereby improving productivity, reducing operational costs, saving time, and providing better public services to people and businesses.

Lac Thuy takes synchronous socio-economic development solutions

(HBO) - Lac Thuy district enjoyed impressive economic achievements in the first half of 2021 thanks to its efforts to carry out measures to address difficulties and overcome challenges. In the period, production value increased significantly, the dual targets of pandemic prevention and control and economic development were realised, infrastructure structure was upgraded, and rural areas were given a facelift.

Promoting the tradition and the ethics of “When drinking water, think of its the source”

(HBO) - The whole country is looking forward to the 74th anniversary of Invalids and Martyrs' Day (July 27th, 1947 - July 27th, 2021). The tradition of "When drinking water, think of its source”, "Repaying someone for his favour” is increasingly being fostered by the concrete and the practical actions to care for and appreciate people with meritorious services to the revolution.

Giving gifts to the victims of agent orange in Cao Phong district and Tan Lac districts

(HBO) - In the morning of July 23rd, the delegation including the leaders of the Provincial Fatherland Front, the Association of Victims of Agent Orange/dioxin in the province and in Cao Phong district visited and presented gifts to the victims of the Hop Phong and Thach Yen communes (Cao Phong).

Visiting and presenting gifts to Vietnamese heroic mother

(HBO) - On July 22nnd the leaders of the City’s Party Committee, People's Committee of Hoa Binh City and the representatives of the Provincial Public Security, the Provincial Youth Communist Union, the Provincial Women's Union visited and presented gifts to Vietnamese Heroic Mother , Mrs. Nguyen Thi Anh from Thinh Lang Ward. Hoa Binh City).

The members of the Provincial Trade Union have been visiting the families under the prefferential policies on the occasion of the 74th anniversary of Invalids and Martyrs'Day

(HBO) - On the occasion of the 74th anniversary of Invalids and Martyrs' Day (July 27, 1947 - July 27, 2021), on July 15th, the members of the Provincial Trade Union visited and presented gifts to Vietnamese heroic mother, Nguyen Thi Su, Nguyen Thi Cho and a one-fourth-class wounded soldier, Bui Van Binh, and a two-fourth-class wounded soldier, Dinh Khac En in Hoa Binh city. Each gift is worth 700 thousand VND.

Provincial State Treasury: administrative reform to benefit people

(HBO) - In order to strengthen discipline and raise responsibility of heads of units in performing public duties, the provincial State Treasury has stepped up administrative reform, thus reducing time and costs.

Hoa Binh labour federation reviews H1 performance

(HBO) – Hoa Binh’s labour federation held a meeting on July 9 to review trade union activities in the first half of 2021 and chalk out tasks for the remaining months. The event was attended by Bui Tien Luc, head of the provincial Party Committee’s mass mobilisation commission and President of the province’s Vietnam Fatherland Front.

The Red Cross of Tan Lac District: Caring for and helping the vulnerable during Covid-19 pandemics

(HBO) Recently, the Red Cross of Tan Lac district has organized many practical, meaningful and humane activities aimed at the vulnerable and the poor affected by Covid-19 pandemics.

Hoa Binh speeds up single window mechanism implementation

(HBO) - Over the years, the implementation of the single window mechanism at the State administrative agencies in the province has been maintained at the provincial public administration service centre, and units receiving and processing administrative procedures at 10 city and districts and at all 151 commune-level units.

The veteran Bui Van Ty, has been promoting the qualities of Uncle Ho''s soldier

(HBO) - Coming to Ru Moi village, Hop Phong commune (Cao Phong), few people do not know Mr. Bui Van Ty, an exemplary veteran with the movement of donating land to build the new countryside.

Lac Son district streamlines apparatus to enhance administrative reform

(HBO) - In recent years, determining that administrative reform is one of the key tasks that have a strong impact on the socio-economic development, defence and security in the locality, Lac Son district has promoted administrative reform and standardised administrative procedures. Administrative procedures have been publicized and promptly updated both at the one-stop desk of the district People’s Committee and on the district’s website to serve organisations and individuals.

Provincial Party officials talks major socio-economic development issues

(HBO) – The Standing Board of the Hoa Binh provincial Party Committee held a meeting on June 21 to give opinions on the development of agriculture, rural areas, infrastructure, and the contingent of cadres, along with some other important issues. Ngo Van Tuan, member of the Party Central Committee and Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, chaired the event.

Over 15 billion VND and supplies, and the means to support the prevention and control of Covid-19 pandemics

(HBO) - Responding to the call and launching the peak time to support the Provincial Fund for Preventing and Controlling Covid-19 of the Provincial Fatherland Front, there were 57 groups and individuals inside and outside the province supported the Fund with a total amount of over 9 billion VND (1.2 billion VND was directly transferred to 2 districts) from May 27 to June 14. At the same time, a number of organizations and businesses supported the material for the epidemic prevention and control such as face masks, splash shields, protective suits worth nearly 300 million VND and vehicles (emergency vehicles) worth 6 billion VND. In addition, Xuan Thien Hoa Binh Co., Ltd. has registered to support 6 billion VND for the Fund.

Luong Son speeds up administrative reform to win people’s satisfaction

(HBO) – As a gateway district of Hoa Binh and bordering Hanoi, Luong Son has recently paid great attention to administrative reform and become one of the leading localities in the province in the field. The reform of administrative procedure and the modernisation of the administrative system have been strengthened in a bid to better meet the demands of local residents and businesses, creating a more favourable environment for investment attraction and socio-economic development.

Hoa Binh newspaper popularises 13th National Party Congress’s Resolution

(HBO) – As directed by standing board of the provincial Party Committee and the Party Committee of the provincial agencies, the Party Committee and Editorial Board of Hoa Binh newspaper recently held a conference to study, disseminate and implement Resolution adopted by the 13th National Party Congress.

Hoa Binh launches unscheduled inspection of pandemic prevention, control at industrial parks

(HBO) - An inter-sector inspection team, on June 8, unexpectedly examined the Da River left bank industrial park in line with the Hoa Binh steering committee for COVID-19 prevention and control’s Decision 107/QD-BCD on the establishment of the team to inspect anti-pandemic work at production - businesses establishments and industrial parks.

Da Bac district multiplies good practices, good models

(HBO) – In the campaign on studying and following President Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style, many good models and practices have appeared in the locality. Da Bac district has actively multiply the good economic models, which it considers a driving force for hunger eradication, poverty reduction and socio-economic development.

Hoa Binh announces election results

(HBO) – The Election Committee of Hoa Binh province on June 1 hosted a press conference to announce preliminary results of the elections of deputies to the 15th National Assembly and all-level People’s Councils for the 2021-2026 tenure. Buil Duc Hinh, Vice Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the provincial People’s Council and head of the Election Committee, chaired over the conference.

Provincial Party officials talk preparations for expressway, bridge construction

(HBO) – Standing members of the Hoa Binh provincial Party Committee convened a meeting on May 25 to discuss the preparation for building Hoa Lac - Hoa Binh Expressway and Hoa Binh 6 Bridge. Member of the Party Central Committee and Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Ngo Van Tuan chaired the event.

Tan Lac speeds up administration modernisation

(HBO) - Administrative reform in Hoa Binh’s Tan Lac district over the past years has received due attention from the district’s Party committee and People’s Committee. The locality also made it a key task in its socio-economic development.

Turnout rate in Hoa Binh reaches 99.05 percent in May 23 elections

(HBO) – The Election Committee of Hoa Binh reported that 639,855 out of 645,995 voters in the province, or 99.05 percent, had cast their ballots as of 7pm of May 23. The number of voters was up 837 compared to the figure reported at 5pm due to mistakes in data updating by some units. Accordingly, the rate of turnout also decreased by 0.22 percent.