(HBO) – The Ministry of Information and Communications has coordinated with the Hoa Binh provincial People’s Committee to hold a communication competition on the sovereignty and sustainable development of Vietnam’s seas and islands. The event was opened for contesting teams from the northern mountainous region and neighbouring provinces. The competition from August 14 to 18 featured contests among mobile teams.

Cao Phong district facilitates public administrative services

(HBO) – The unit receiving and returning administrative results in ho visit for public administrative services. Most of asked people said they were satisfied with the pubCao Phong district is located on National Highway 6. It is kept tidy and clean to welcome people wlic administrative services here.

Hoa Binh: Dialogue discusses labour-related issues in enterprises

(HBO) - The Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs of Hoa Binh province has organised a dialogue on labour with businesses operating in the locality.

Hoa Binh’s war invalids act after Uncle Ho’s teaching

(HBO) – Many war invalids and sick soldiers in Hoa Binh province have overcome challenges, seized opportunities, and become standout examples in economic development in the locality.

Lac Thuy after 50 years of implementing Uncle Ho’s Testament

(HBO) – Acknowledging the values and thought of late President Ho Chi Minh in his Testament five decades ago, the Party Organisation and and people of Lac Thuy district have stepped up promotion of patriotic emulation movements and implementation of the Politburo’s Directive No.5 on promoting the studying and following of President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and lifestyle, according to Vice Secretary of the district’s Party Committee Bui Van Truong.

Tan Vinh commune has been preserving the cultural identity of Muong ethnic people

(HBO) - Tan Vinh commune (Luong Son) is one of the localities with the strong movement of the public arts performance in the district. Through lyrics and dances, it has contributed to preserving and promoting the cultural identity of Muong ethnic people. The unique cultural values of Muong ethnic people have brought new vitality in the spiritual life for the people, making an important contribution to the movement of building a new cultural life.

Ky Son district police study and follow President Ho Chi Minh''''''''s example

(HBO) - Lieutenant Colonel Bui Thanh Phuc, head of the police of Ky Son district said studying and following late President Ho Chi Minh's exemplary morals is a regular work of each personnel, with 100 percent of the unit’s staff building their annual personal plans on the implementation of the Poliburo’s Directive No 05. Based on the local actual situation, the Ky Son police have built and implemented several good models and practices, particularly in mass mobilisation movements, thus fulfilling its mission and building the image of police officers dedicated to the country and people.

Emulation bloc of provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front and socio-political organisations review activities in H1

(HBO) - The emulation bloc of the Vietnam Fatherland Front and socio-political organisations in Hoa Binh province has organised a conference to review emulation movements in the first half of 2019 and carry out tasks for the second half.

The youth of Lac Son district has been pioneering and volunteering for the community life

(HBO) - Mr. Bui Thi Thuy, the secretary of the Youth Communist Union of Lac Son District says that the Standing Committee of the District’s Youth Communist Union has focused on volunteering in the place, organizing many activities in the difficult areas, attracting a large number of the young forces to participate through the Movement of the Youth pioneering, volunteering for the community life. It has been agreed by the public and highly appreciated through the peak volunteer campaigns such as:

Hoa Binh leader visits and presents gift to Vietnamese Heroic Mother Dao Thi Dan

(HBO) - A working delegation led by Vice Secretary of the Hoa Binh province’s Party Committee and Chairman of the provincial People’s Council Tran Dang Ninh on July 23 visited and presented gift to Vietnamese Heroic Mother Dao Thi Dan in Dong Tien ward, Hoa Binh city, on the occasion of the 72nd Vietnam War Invalids and Martyrs’ Day (July 27).

Spreading the emulating movements launched by the Prime Minister

(HBO) - From the emulating movement of the people’s satisfaction, after nearly 10 years of implementing the program of building the new rural, the combined strength of the whole political system has been mobilized. In the period of 2011-2019, province has mobilized people to contribute over 2,288 billion VND, donating over 970,300 m2 of land, the contribution of materials and machinery converted in cash was 2,132.7 billion VND and the capital mobilized from other sources was about 52.34 billion VND.

Ninth session of 16th Hoa Binh People’s Council wraps up

(HBO) – The 9th session of the 16th People’s Council of Hoa Binh province successfully completed its agenda after three working days.

Hoa Binh’s IIP rises 10.3 percent in H1

(HBO) - In the first six months of 2019, the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) of the northwestern province of Hoa Binh revealed a positive growth of 10.3 percent compared to the same period last year.

The Youth of Tan Lac district is practically repaying for the favour

(HBO) - During the days of July, the blue shirt covers throughout the countryside of Tan Lac district. Promoting the shocking role of the young and the morality of "Drinking water, remembering the source", the members of the Youth Union in Tan Lac district have been implementing many meaningful summer volunteer programs, notably the activities to help people with meritorious services and families under the preferential treatment policy.

Hoa Binh 16th People’s Council convenes ninth session

(HBO) – The ninth session of the 16th Hoa Binh People’s Council of the 2016-2021 tenure opened on July 17. Following the opening remarks of the Chairman of the provincial People’s Council, Bui Van Cuu, Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee, delivered a brief supplementary report on the socio-economic development plan in 2018, socio-economic development situation in the first six months of 2019, the budget spending and collection in the first half of the year as well as major tasks for the rest of 2019.

Ethnic minority policies cast a new look to Van Nghia commune

(HBO) – The well-implemented policies for ethnic minority group have created a facelift for Lac Son district’s Van Nghia commune, where 99 percent of the residents are the Muong ethnic people.

Hoa Binh promotes emulation movement on “Building the People''s public security force style of bravery, humanity and dedication to serving the people”

(HBO) - The Ministry of Public Security’s emulation cluster No. 3, which consists of eight provinces of Hoa Binh, Tuyen Quang, Yen Bai, Bac Kan, Bac Giang, Phu Tho, Thai Nguyen and Quang Ninh held a conference to review the first six months’ implementation of the ‘For national security’ campaign. Major General Dao Gia Bao, Director of the ministry’s Department of Political - Party Affairs, and Bui Van Cuu, member of the Hoa Binh Provincial Party Committee’s standing board and Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, attended the conference.

Việt Nam resolved to fight violations of its sea areas: spokeswoman

On Tuesday, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Lê Thị Thu Hằng reiterated Việt Nam’s determination to peacefully struggle against violations of its sovereignty, rights and jurisdiction over its sea areas.

The youth of Tan Lac Public Security are attacking for the community life

(HBO) - In 2019, with the theme "The Creation and the Attack of the Youth of Tan Lac Public Security, ambushed, sticking to the locality and the foundation, volunteering for the people to serve", the soldiers of Tan Lac Public Security have continued to implement many meaningful volunteer programs.

The 15th Provincial Congress of the Fatherland Front, the term of 2019-2024 was successful

(HBO) - On July 12, the 15th Provincial Congress of the Fatherland Front, the term of 2019-2024 continued to take place at the provincial Cultural Palace and ended.

Hoa Binh Party Committee’s Standing Board convenes 18th congress

(HBO) - The 18th congress of the Standing Board of the 16th tenure Party Committee of Hoa Binh province wrapped up on July 10 after one and a half day of working, successfully completing the set working agenda.

The first day of the 15th Congress of Hoa Binh Provincial Fatherland Front, the term of 2019-2024

(HBO) - On July 11, at the provincial Cultural Palace, the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee held the 15th Provincial Congress of Vietnam Fatherland Front delegates, term of 2019-2024.

Hoa Binh promotes great national unity for provincial sustainable development

(HBO) - During the 2014 – 2019 term, under the leadership of all-level Party Committees and with the guide of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) Central Committee, the province’s Fatherland Fronts at all levels have been active in performing their tasks, achieving positive results that have contributed to the successful fulfillment of local political missions.

The Fatherland Front of Luong Son District: Effectively implementing the campaigns and the movement of patriotic emulation

(HBO) - Over the past years, the Fatherland Front of Luong Son district has actively been proposing a lot of plans and coordinating with the member organizations to promote the movements of patriotic emulation, campaigns, propagating and mobilizing the public to well implement the Party's guidelines, the policies and the laws of the State.

Party building sector reviews operation in H1

(HBO) – The Hoa Binh Party Committee’s Organisation Commission held a conference on July 5 to review the emulation work in the first six months of 2019 and implement tasks for the rest of the year in the emulation cluster No.1 of the Party building sector.